Tobacco Review : Mississippi River (Seattle Pipe Club)
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21 thoughts on “Tobacco Review : Mississippi River (Seattle Pipe Club)

  1. I’m pretty sure if you AREN’T smoking for taste, you are defiantly doing it wrong! Just patch up or drink green tea.  …or maybe get a full night’s sleep. lol

  2. I just ordered some based on the Dangers and your review. Can’t wait!

  3. Great Review….I love Mississippi River, this one of my favorites!!
    Joe Case and Jason Dagner also give this thumbs up!!

  4. Hi there. Do you think it has the moisture that polyethylene glycol adds to a blend? That would be disappointing. Thanks.

  5. I bought the vanilla one, still have a lot actually. It’s not too bad once you cellar it and then dry it out some more lol I cellared mine for 2 years then let it air dry a little more and it was pretty good. Better for blending with other tobaccos that don’t have a lot of flavour though.

  6. Buddy of mine turned 18 and he started on Walgreens vanilla lol. Well anyways he likes it but he thinks his Tobacco is too wet m

  7. I very much doubt he hates you, but he probably doesn’t have a whole lot of respect for you. I know it’s hard, man, but just wait. It’s not worth the potential risks and problems that come with underage smoking and/or drinking. I know it seems like forever, but 18 really isn’t that far away. Just wait until you can buy tobacco legally.

  8. If maybe you’d get the beer out of your liver, the weed out of your lungs and obtain better grammar skills than that of a 6 year old, then maybe people might respect your comment.

  9. lol this is why i want to check it out as you said jayson dagners fav lol

  10. Question.i’m a new pipe smoker been smoking aromatic how long should I wait to switch over to English blends thank you

  11. Tobacconists usually just buy tobacco blends online in bulk and sell them under their own names.

  12. We both heard about this from Jason … and i love it :) he also turned me onto Larry’s blend.

  13. please jeff try and or review buteras pelican …. i think you’ll like it :)

  14. I am a smoker and if you smoke for nicotine you are in the wrong hobby.